Student Visa

Student Visa

A student visa is issued for applicants who intend to study in a recognised and approved academic institution in India.
Student visas may be granted for studies only in professional courses, for example, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Management, etc. conducted by recognised / approved educational institutions.
At the school level, a student visa may be granted for studies only in recognised / approved international schools that admit international students and have a high fee structure.
A student visa may also be granted for studies in music, dance, yoga etc. only in such institutions that are recognised by the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi.
In case you are applying for a student visa, the following documents need to be submitted:
a) Letter of admission in the concerned recognised and approved academic institute in India

b) Evidence of adequate financial standing to support the academic/living expenses in India during the course of study (Bank Statement)

c) Copy of NADRA Card along with its English translation and the translated copy should be notarized.

d) Copy of any utility bill, such as electricity bill/ gas bill/ landline telephone bill (any one as address proof) 

e) Valid Polio Vaccination Certificate

Guidelines for filling the visa application form 
Online Application Form for Individual Case
Online Application Form for Group Case

Can I stay back in India after completion of my studies?

All students from Pakistan, after completion of the studies, will have to leave India.

Do I have to register with the police when I reach India?
Yes, you will have to register at the nearest Police Station / FRRO / FRO and notify your place of stay to the local district police (FRO) within 24 hours of your arrival in India.
Similarly, you must notify your intended departure date from the notified place of stay 24 hours before such departure, in person, in writing.

Can I get visa for exploring / securing admission in an Indian college / University?
Visa shall not be granted for exploring the possibility of getting admission into any professional institution / international school etc. in India.

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